LED headlight / with video camera XCS640 Xenosys

LED headlight / with video camera XCS640 Xenosys

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FEATURE The image with good quality can be obtained because the uniform light of L2S or XLS300W will be illuminated at the affected parts. Since the depth of focus is good, the focus will be fit in wide range (WD400mm±50mm) during the operation. The images took can be stored in the DVD, video tape, or personal computer by optional installation. When the recorded data were viewed by the educatee, there are advantages of video from the standpoint of the operator. Not CE marked, but FDA registered
  • Options and accessories:with video camera
  • Light source:LED
2, Venture-Ro, 100 Beon-Gil Yeonsu-Gu,
406840 Incheon,
South Korea
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