LED headlight / with rechargeable battery 1400 XT Coolview

LED headlight / with rechargeable battery 1400 XT Coolview
1400 XT

The Coolview™ Model 1400 XT is one of the first medical exam & surgical headlights offered worldwide that features energy-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as opposed to halogen or xenon lamps. This new LED surgical headlight does not require bulb or fiber-optic cable replacement and produces bright, white light with a color temperature of 6,500°K, matching natural daylight. Coolview?s™ patented surgical headlight technology provides caregivers with a superior light that offers industry-leading lumen performance at 140,000 lux at 14” with an estimated 50,000 hours of life, and no heat generation. Coolview™ cordless LED surgical headlights operate on rechargeable batteries which attach comfortably to the surgeon’s belt, keeping any heat generation away from the face and head.
  • Light source: : LED
  • Options and accessories: : with rechargeable battery
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