LCD display / medical / touch screen 19? | DTL193-R03E Generaltouch

LCD display / medical / touch screen 19? | DTL193-R03E Generaltouch
19? | DTL193-R03E

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Our Therapeutic Touchmonitor that is The Dtl193 is entirely and keenly structured in-house. It is provided with a durable stand and OSD. With the force controls spotted on the side, it is a perfect decision for open utilization. This LCD touch monitor is fixed against filth and grime and it offers the alternatives of the two appropriate touch technologies that is available in the market today. To be specific it is the Generaltouch's Saw with an immaculate glass touch panel and the high caliber 5-wire resistive touch innovation. Characteristics of this product- -It is available with Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW). A Technology for prevalent display quality that is initiated with finger or gloved-hand or Five-wire Resistive Technology that is enacted with fingers, fingernails, charge cards, gloved or any stylus -It has a sealed stand exclusively created for touch -It has sturdy stand produced for touch -It has a removable stand and VESA mounting as an alternative -The mounting gaps on stand bottom metal plate is provided for tabletop security -It has a Dual serial/ USB interface -It is provided with OSD & Power control buttons on the side…
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