LCD display / medical 19", 22", 32" | NUM'X ELLA LEGROS

LCD display / medical 19", 22", 32" | NUM'X ELLA LEGROS
19", 22", 32" | NUM'X

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VIZUALISATION OF DIGITAL IMAGES & INFORMATION SHARING NUM'X is a unique solution designed for the viewing of digital medical images. NUM'X is available for stand alone viewing (CD/DVD, USB Key), or network connexion (PACS), and provides immediate access to all the radiological exams of each patient. NUM'X is compatible with most of viewers running on Windows. A quick-acting model including an intuitive and easy to use viewer is available for Dicom images and video viewing under best conditions. NUM'X is an incontestable communication tool, with the possibility of viewing images in all hospitals departments. Several people can simultaneously examine the same images at the same time without having to physically gather.
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