Laryngoscope endoscope / rigid MR CONDITIONAL SCOPE MEDICAL

Laryngoscope endoscope / rigid MR CONDITIONAL SCOPE MEDICAL

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• Tested & demonstrated to be MR Conditional for magnetic field interactions at 3.0 TESLA with highest spatial gradient field of 720 gauss/cm or less • Special me' handle & non magnetic steel blades are developed and approved for MR Condi • Color coded blades & handles - Distinctly identifiable * Reduces risk of incompatible instruments getting into MRI suites • Longest performing lithium battery - suitable for MRI environments • Autoclavable" Fibre Optic Blades & Light Guide • Ultimate bright light - LED/Xenon light fiber optic system • Special symbolic printed blades & handles, supplied in choices of set & individuals • Blades profile - English Mac. American Mac, Miller, Wisconsin and other popular blade designs
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