Laryngeal mask / reusable LaEncore Plus Armstrong Medical

Laryngeal mask / reusable LaEncore Plus Armstrong Medical
LaEncore Plus

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The upper airway is one of the most sensitive regions of the body. LaEncore Plus has been designed with the utmost sensitivity. The unique features of LaEncore Plus facilitate ease of insertion and reduce trauma to soft tissue. The distinctive characteristics of the reusable laryngeal airway are also available in a single use option, LaPremiere Plus. Key features Can be steam sterilized at 134oC; warranted for 40 uses Pilot balloon acts as a pressure indicator to prevent over-inflation Unique one-piece design eliminates the occurrence of misaligned airways and the need for repositioning of the airway Made from AmSIL allows for flexibility whilst still maintaining a lumen resistant to kinking and occlusion Preloaded stylette enables the airway to be pre-formed for ease of insertion Colour-coded inflation line allows for easy identification of airway size before and after placement MRI compatible
  • Other characteristics:reusable
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