Laparoscopic electrode / bipolar / coagulation / disposable 14 cm | 14-9020 Kirwan Surgical Products LLC

Laparoscopic electrode / bipolar / coagulation / disposable 14 cm | 14-9020 Kirwan Surgical Products LLC
14 cm | 14-9020

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Kirwan Surgical is excited to introduce the newly redesigned Bipolar Suction Coagulators. Market demands for smaller lumen diameters and better product performance was the key factor to the redesign of this product. To take advantage of the experience and knowledge we have amassed through the success of our AURA family of products, we have updated the design of the Bipolar Suction Coagulators with our best AURA technology allowing us to improve the overall performance of Bipolar Suction Coagulators. The updated features include: The patented layered tube design is malleable and more than twice as conductive as the previous material and as a result will coagulate more efficiently with less energy The gold tip allows the heat to be efficiently diffused around the tip's entire surface eliminating hot spots and promoting a non-stick effect The larger insulated gap between the patented layered tubes allows for better control of the bipolar energy and more precise coagulation at the tip greatly reducing the potential for tissue or fluids to create a short in the current pathway between the two tubes The new and improved insulation coating the device will better withstand the rigors of electrosurgery These new and improved Bipolar Suction Coagulators meet the exacting needs of today's microsurgeons and are used in neurosurgery, spinal surgery, ENT and are ideal for small incision endoneuro, endonasal and spine cases. The disposable Bipolar Suction Coagulators are CE marked and available in six different styles.
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