Lancing device LANZO GMMC

Lancing device LANZO GMMC

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Lancing Device Advanced lancing device for finger and alternative site testing. Lanzo Lancing Device is 100% made in Korea and is one of the leader products in Asian countries. It received several rewards and has been selected by well known medical companies active in the area of glucose monitoring worldwide. Features & Benefits • Adjustable tip – 5 settings to allow customization of lancet penetration • Lancet ejector – no need to touch the lancet to remove it and dispose it • Ergonomic design – comfortable to use for any patient • Reduced pain – thanks to the linear tracking system • Reduced noise – the carrier is provided with two springs and a stopper which reduce the noise when shooting the lancet • Comfortable – working with most lancets available in the market • Optional clear tip for alternative site testing designed in order to reduce the pain and favor the achievement of proper blood sample
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