Laboratory water purifier / UV Select Analyst Purite

Laboratory water purifier / UV Select Analyst Purite
Select Analyst

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The Select Analyst is ideal for everyday pure water laboratory tasks, including glassware rinsing, buffers and stains, reagent make-up, and media preparation. The Select Range The Select range of water purification systems is available in five standard models: Analyst, HP, Purewater 300, Fusion and Neptune. All providing outputs of 4 to 48 l/hr. As well as Select tank and pump, additional options for the Select range include external tanks with ultraviolet (UV) and 0.2?m air vent filters. The Select range of high performance water purification systems offers a unique combination of reliability, quality and functionality for all laboratory applications. Built upon core water purification techniques, the range offers a flexible package to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Medical establishment:laboratory
  • Purification technique:UV
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United Kingdom
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