Laboratory room / modular ALHO Systembau

Laboratory room / modular ALHO Systembau
ALHO Systembau

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Laboratories and research units place great demands on a building. Apart from efficiency and functionality, high safety and hygiene regulations as well as special project demands for the most different utilisation areas require a high level of precision already in the planning phase. ALHO modular buildings comply with these requirements. So S3-Laboratory wings were already erected that comply with the second highest safety standard for genetic engineering and microbiology laboratories. Flexibility and adaptability of the ALHO buildings offer ideal conditions in case of changing focal points, because due to the interior architecture that can be designed freely it is possible to reconstruct the buildings and put them to a different use with the least effort. So in case of changing research foci, the building can be adjusted to the new demand in an optimal way. Buildings for research and education in record time The modular construction method allows for up to 70% shorter construction times used for planning, building and completely furnishing a building than massive construction. The fact that the building can be extended and reconstructed secures you flexibility in case of changing needs. With a fixed price guarantee and a fixed delivery date, the modular construction method guarantees, besides further advantages, high efficiency and timely delivery of the building.
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