Laboratory oven / muffle L 1/12 - LT 40/12 Nabertherm

Laboratory oven / muffle L 1/12 - LT 40/12 Nabertherm
L 1/12 - LT 40/12

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The LT 5/11HA - LT 15/11HA muffle ovens with integrated air circulation provide an optimum temperature uniformity in the furnace chamber and heat transmission to your batch. This advantageous effect not only increases the precision of the results of your work, it is also a true quality factor, particularly when you need good uniformity in the lower temperature range. Tmax 1100 °C Heating from two sides by ceramic heating plates Ceramic heating plates with integral heating element which is safeguarded against splashing, and easy to replace Highly durable cured vacuum fiber module lining Housing made of sheets of textured stainless steel Dual shell housing for low external temperatures and stability With lift door (LT), whereby the hot side is away from the operator Exhaust air outlet in rear wall of furnace Solid state relays provide for low­noise operation Circulation fans for better heat transmission and distribution, particularly during heating and cooling Additional equipment Chimney, chimney with fan or catalytic converter Over-temperature limit controller with manual reset for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the oven and load
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