Laboratory microscope / optical / monocular / LED 600x | BMS D1-211ePlan Breukhoven

Laboratory microscope / optical / monocular / LED 600x | BMS D1-211ePlan Breukhoven
600x | BMS D1-211ePlan

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Microscope BMS D1-211ePlan monocular This monocular microscope has high resolution objectives and a wide field (WF) eyepiece with plan optics. The optics allow the user to view colourful, high contrast, clear images. The stability of the microscope is guaranteed by the solid design of the stand and its base. The stand also has a wide window on the rear. The BMS D1 microscope is equipped with a large stage and an integrated movable specimen holder. The large working surface, 140 x 150 mm, easily allows two slides at once. The integrated X-Y specimen holder is simple to operate thanks to the ergonomically placed coaxial controls. The Abbe condenser comes complete with a slot for inserting various accessories such as dark field or phase contrast sliders. The condenser can be adjusted in height using the rack and pinion system. All optical surfaces (eyepiece and objectives) are coated with an anti-fungus layer. The new generation LED illumination gives comfort and rest to the eye. The variable intensity can be compared with a 30W halogen light source. The spectrum of the LED is equal to that of natural day light.
  • Microscopy type:optical
  • Microscope head:monocular
  • Domain:laboratory
  • Light source:LED
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