Laboratory microscope / optical / binocular / LED MLX-i Magnus Analytics

Laboratory microscope / optical / binocular / LED MLX-i Magnus Analytics

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Body: Aluminium die-cast body with all critical movements based on ball bearing & wire guides thereby ensuring smooth & precise manipulation Mechanical Stage: Co-axial low drive mechanical stage (125mm x145mm) (+/-5mm) with traverse area of 50mm x 76mm(+/-5mm) Focusing System: Co-axial coarse & fine controls with a tocus adjustment and fine adjustment knobs. Coarse Focus range 28mm. Fine tocus range 0.2mm Condenser holder: Rack & pinion mounted condenser holder Condenser: Abbe condenser with aperture iris diaphragm (N.A. 1.25 ) focusable with rack & pinion through 20mm and a continuously variable iris diaphragm with a removable blue filter for daylight observation Illumination base with option (a).(b).(c) (a) Built illumination base with pre-centered 6V 20W halogen light source coupled with an efficient collector lens system. Power supply 230V AC 50Hz single phase. (b) LED Light source High brightness, longlife (30.000hrs) 1 w LED. (c) LED light source (with battery back-up) High brightness, longlife (30.000hrs) 1w LED. Battery back-up in-built NiMH Rechargeable batteries provide 6 to 8 hrs back-up on full charge. Nose Piece: Quadruple revolving nosepiece based on precision ball-bearing mechanism with positive click stop
  • Light source:LED
  • Domain:laboratory
  • Microscopy type:optical
  • Microscope head:binocular
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