Laboratory liquid handling robotic workstation RR120 BioDot

Laboratory liquid handling robotic workstation RR120 BioDot

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The RR120 Web Handling System is designed to provide reagent application and drying capabilities for web processing. The reagent application options include precision dispensing as well as dip coat impregnation. A wide range of dispensers can be integrated into the system including the patented BioJet HR and AirJet HR dispensers for non-contact dispensing as well as FrontLine HR for contact dispensing. Dispensing options provide for printing lines or full coating of webs using AirJets . The RR120 also incorporates automatic tracking of the web on the take-up reel. Further, web edge tracking is used to maintain the position of the dispensed lines relative to the web edge. Web speed, pinch roller pressure, tension, drying time and temperature are all adjustable.
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