Laboratory freezer / cabinet / ultralow-temperature / 1-door MDF-U33V Panasonic

Laboratory freezer / cabinet / ultralow-temperature / 1-door MDF-U33V Panasonic

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Evolutionary design * Panasonic V.I.P. Evolution Series -86°C ultra-low temperature freezers use patented revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction that reduces the wall thick-ness from Ucm to 7cm (5.5" to 2.7") and achieves up to 30% more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer without increasing the footprint. * The newly developed refrigeration system and the freezer structure offer a quiet experimental environment. Achieves 12% higher energy conservation than previous model. (115V. 60Hz) * The newly developed back cover combined with new aerodynamically designed and placed components in the refrigeration compartment provide superior air flow, making it possible to drastically reduce the stress on the freezer and contributing to excellent durability. * Two independent and insulated inner doors with gaskets prevent cold air leakage.
  • Applications:laboratory
  • Number of doors:1-door
  • Configuration:cabinet
  • Temperature level:ultralow-temperature
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Wood Dale, IL
United States
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