Laboratory centrifuge / compact SpeedyClave 6 B COMINOX

Laboratory centrifuge / compact SpeedyClave 6 B COMINOX
SpeedyClave 6 B

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The handy and practical Cominox SpeedyClave 6 B with its advance design performs extremely quick cycles and it’s excellent for frequently sterilizing small loads, which can save on surgical instruments. It provides 7 fast cycles, with under 12 minutes for handpiece cycle sterilization. The square sterilization chamber allows for a compact design and it’s one of the most original styled autoclave on the market. The open button makes it easy to perform open/close operations. The display is easy to read and activate the various functions. Tracking of the sterilization process is done with a traditional data printer or internal memory, using 24 electronic controls. The data can be transferred by SterilCard, which is the electronic card responsible for managing autoclave functions.
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