Laboratory bottle-top dispenser 0.5 - 400 mL MICROLIT

Laboratory bottle-top dispenser 0.5 - 400 mL MICROLIT
0.5 - 400 mL

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Microlit bottle top dispenser is another genius of its strong R&D base. Responding to the needs of the present generation, Microlit is proud to offer its new bottle top dispenser which is an unique combination of competitive pricing and high performance. All wetted parts are PTFE, FEP and borosilicate glass only which allows the instrument to be used with wide variety of laboratory chemicals. High precision and accuracy is ensured through careful selection of raw material and several stages of strict quality checks during manufacturing process. Each instrument is individually calibrated in ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in accordance with ISO 8655 standards and comes with individual calibration certificate.
  • Applications:laboratory
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