Laboratory balance / electronic / compact MCP1-S Mettler Toledo

Laboratory balance / electronic / compact MCP1-S Mettler Toledo

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The compact and complete calibration package includes one single MCP unit and a single channel set with an evaporation trap for quick calibration of single- and multi-channel pipettes. Thanks to its compact design and the robust carrying case, the MCP1-S is ideal for calibrating pipettes both in the laboratory and on-site at the user’s premises. It allows for a quick check prior to any experimental tasks where pipetting precision and accuracy are critical. Calibration is reliable and fast due to the built in evaporation trap and the automatic testing of all individual channels. Multi-channel pipettes with up to 12 channels can be calibrated up to 10 times faster than with traditional analytical balances and a performance test of a 12-channel pipette with 3 measurements of 2 individual volumes take less than 15min. The benefit to you: fast and reliable pipette calibration will keep your liquid handling precise and accurate at any time. Every channel is checked and costs per calibration are reduced to a minimum.
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