Knee orthosis (orthopedic immobilization) / with flexible stays Reaction Knee DonJoy

Knee orthosis (orthopedic immobilization) / with flexible stays Reaction Knee DonJoy
Reaction Knee

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The Reaction Knee Brace is an active, responsive, webbed approach to general anterior knee pain, and a distinct alternative to basic knee sleeves. This unique brace is indicated for all patients suffering from general anterior knee pain, related to: Chondromalacia Patella, Osgood-Schlatter Disease, Patella OA, Mild bicompartmental OA and Quadriceps and Patella Tendonitis/Tendinosis. How does the Reaction Knee Brace Work? The Reaction Knee Brace features a distinctive elastomeric web design which helps reduce pain by dispersing energy across the knee. This open framework captures the anatomic features of the knee and so provides an intimate fit around the patella. This contoured fit; compression and stretch of the membranes also offer increased proprioception (neuro muscular control) in flexion and extension. The flexible membranes work by elongating with joint motion and return easily to their original dimensions; thus absorbing shock and shifting peak loads away from the painful area. This also helps to dynamically stabilise the patella on all sides and create tension over the quad and patella tendons which again helps to relieve pain. Flexible dual axis hinges incorporated into the design provide additional support by encouraging the knee into a neutral position. The adjustable straps help the brace remain in place during daily or sports activities while their mesh composition creates a comfortable fit and a breathable solution. The brace also comes with a fitted under-sleeve which provides additional comfort, compression and tissue containment and helps to prevent skin irritation.
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