Knee orthosis (orthopedic immobilization) / warming JOINMAX Disk Dr.

Knee orthosis (orthopedic immobilization) / warming JOINMAX Disk Dr.

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JoinMAX is an innovative medical treatment device developed under the cooperation with the Korean Institute of Biotechnology. The innovate compact device incorporates a blend of far-infrared rays and thermal energy for soothing the knee muscles around the knee cap and relieve pain.The device produces 700-50000nm wavelength enabling deep penetration of the thermal energy into the deep knee tissues to relieve pain around knees and improves the involved symptoms as well. The innovative knee-muscle pain reliever is equipped with halogen lamp and infrared lamp, emitting thermal energy deeply penetrating into the knee tissues quickly relieving muscle pain. JoinMAX is ergonomically designed with thermal cathodes in resonance with the knee structure for effective deep infiltration of thermal energy into the knees when it is put. The thermal cathode surface is composed of purest silver for high thermal conduction, high thermal energy is quickly delivered into the deepest part of the knees along with natural antibacterial and antibiotic reactions.
  • Options:warming
  • Type:knee orthosis
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