IV infusion set Secura MEDI LINE S.R.L.

IV infusion set Secura MEDI LINE S.R.L.

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Secura is a safety I.V. closed system device. Available in One way, Two way, Two way with valve. Siliconed steel needle with triple sharpening. Catheter Polyurethane longer period. Cannulation carried out with one hand. Integrated closed side extension. System block blood waste. Protection from incidental pricks and contact with the stylus / needle. Cannula but a real safety barrier closed system anti contamination. It is for this reason that the device SECURA can not be considered a easy incidental anti puncture I.V. Procedure is not only bound to the incidental puncture but also to the possibility of contact with the blood waste or, more simply, with the body of the needle just extracted from the vessel.
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