IV infusion set Rontis Medical

IV infusion set Rontis Medical
Rontis Medical

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Description: Intravenous Liquid administration set with the capability of precise regulation of the flow rate. Features: • Ventilated drip chamber through filter of 3mm • Transparent drip chamber • Available chamber filters 10-15-20mm • Flow regulator 0-250 ml/hour (up to 10% solution concentration) • Flow Regulator Double Scale Availability (up to 10%- 20% solution concentration) • Length: 225cm • Rotating Luer Lock male connector • Flow by gravity 60 drops = 1ml ± 0.1 • Available with vented or membraned cap • Equipped with Latex free injection site • Sterilized with ETO (Ethylonoxide) • Standard quantity per box: 30 pieces