iNtuition - Advanced Visualization Software

iNtuition - Advanced Visualization Software

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Key Features

We can provide an impressive range of clinical tools and deliver a remarkable clinical experience. On your PACS, off your PACS, within the surgical suite and beyond, iNtuition ensures your workflow is seamless and your imaging costs are minimized. It’s no secret that TeraRecon was the first to introduce the first truly scalable and impressively intuitive solutions.

Packages Available

CT Cardiac
CT Chest
CT Body
CT Head and Neck
MR Cardiac Package
MR Body Package
Interventional Radiology
Lung Segmentation
Liver Segmentation
EVAR Planning
TAVR Planning
Body Fusion
Volumetric Navigation

Advanced Image Post-Processing

Extensive capabilities. We’ve packaged our features so that it’s easy to select the clinical functionality you need. Each clinical package provides you a broad range of clinical tools and modality-specific workflows. More tools in each package means more value for clinicians.

Patented workflow. iNtuition workflows are at the heart of its innovation and automation. Workflow templates are essentially multi-step 3D presentation states that leverage the output of the Advanced Pre-processing Server (APS) software, which is included with all of our clinical packages.

Advanced processing. Not everyone has a 3D lab, yet every physician could use a little help. The Aquarius-APS cannot do everything, but it can reduce clicks, prepare various elements of the workflow template, and has over 40 different pre-processing engines that it can run.

Unmatched scalability. The iNtuition system is designed from the ground up to be more powerful. Our system features separate image routing information technology software (Aquarius Gate), image pre-preprocessing software (Aquarius APS) and rendering software (AquariusNet). It means the system is more scalable, more flexible and more capable of rendering huge volumes of imaging data. It can be installed on many servers, a single server, or even just a laptop

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