IPL system / on casters e-TONING UNION MEDICAL

IPL system / on casters e-TONING UNION MEDICAL

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New e TONING Combination of Superior I PL & New e TONING Employing Smart technology, e TONING enables an additional dimension in controlling safety and efficacy for Melasma by e-toning and traditional treatment range of superior IPL by HiPL with additional MULTI Pulse. It produces ultra-short bursts of light with very short pulse in microsecon d range that specifically targets the melanosome. e TONING is an effective and safe treatment modality that the pulse duration of this light is typically in microseconds, and it closely matches the thermal relaxation time of the target (melanosome) and is based on the theory of selective photothermolysis. Especially, the TRT time (Melanosome) has been considered and Fractio nal pulse has been realized.
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