Intubation fiberscope SensaScope® ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG

Intubation fiberscope SensaScope® ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG

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SensaScope Semirigid Intuboscope It is a new hybrid video assisted intubation stylet designed to facilitate the intubation process under vision. It is composed by a rigid S-shaped endoscope with a steerable tip much alike a flexible endoscope. Features -The device is equipped with an inbuilt camera and light source. -The endoscope has to be only connected to the video monitor via connecting interface in a small box. -It has no eyepiece and two heavy cables(one for the video signal and another for the cold light) instead there is a lean one to the video interface. -The configuration became possible because of a miniaturized CMOS chip which is fitted into the tip of the device, as well as a tiny LED to produce the necessary light. -By having only 1slender cable and becoming light, increased maneuverability and comfort of use considerably. -The shape of the image is rectangular and completely fills the screen of the monitor as compared with the relatively small circular image in the middle of the video screen deriving from the attached camera.
  • Type of endoscope:intubation
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