Intraoperative autotransfusion system OrthoPAT® HAEMONETICS

Intraoperative autotransfusion system OrthoPAT® HAEMONETICS

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The OrthoPAT is a perioperative auto-transfusion system for orthopedics that during and after an orthopedic surgery can collect, wash and return a patient?s blood, thereby reducing unwanted allogeneic transfusions and resulting infections. Red blood cells that are fresh and containing high amounts of hernatocrit are consistently delivered by the system to ensure that every patient receives high quality own blood having low risks of infection. The system automatically performs autologous blood processing, cell debris, plasma, contaminant separation and retransfusion bag collection. An integrated battery and vacuum pump make the system fully portable thereby ensuring the utmost of care in the complete treatment cycle for every patient.
  • Application:intraoperative
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Czech Republic
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