Intra-oral CR screen phosphor screen scanner 3Disc Imaging

Intra-oral CR screen phosphor screen scanner 3Disc Imaging
3Disc Imaging

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Improving Efficiency for Dental Practices The unique FireID RFID reader complements 3DISC Imaging’s FireCR Dental Reader—enhancing efficiency for dental offices. The advanced technology of the FireID provides quick and accurate registration of data relevant to each individual patient. By preregistering the unique tag code of the imaging plate on the FireID, key data are automatically matched to the correct patient file, including: The scanned image Imaging plate size The serial number of the imaging plate The compact FireID was designed with ease of use in mind. Simply register each imaging plate before use, pairing it with a patient, and the correct image will show up in the correct patient file on the correct PC every time—a great asset for big and medium sized clinics. For busy dental practices committed to digital imaging, it is critical that image information is always assigned to the correct patient file. The 3DISC FireID is the answer.
  • Type of support:intra-oral CR screen
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