Interspinous vertebral implant Falena® MIKAI

Interspinous vertebral implant Falena® MIKAI

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Falena® is an interspinous spacer indicated for surgical decompression in cases with spinal and radicular stenosis performed with a minimally invasive approach. The device is composed of two components: - a winged structure, formed by a main pin with two wings at the extremities and a cap to allow for an atraumatic crossing of the interspinous ligament - a “C” spring available in a range of height sizes (8-10-12-15mm) MAIN ADVANTAGES - The peek "spring" gives an intrinsic elasticity to the device - Preserves the supraspinous ligament - Limits the extension of the symptomatic vertebral section - Allows flexion, axial rotation, lateral bending - Preserves of the mobility of of the symptomatic vertebral section - The “C” spring heights are varied to allow the surgeon to best adapt spring for the desired distance from the two adjacent spinous processes, based on the patient’s unique spine anatomy - The procedure is minimally invasive and performed under local anesthesia, preserving the mobility of the functional spinal unit
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