Internal part cochlear implant CS-10A Hangzhou Nurotron Biotechnology

Internal part cochlear implant CS-10A Hangzhou Nurotron Biotechnology

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Ultra-thin CS-10A high-strength titanium implant not only follows the mature international advanced technology, but also has the most channels in the world. Its electrodes show a moderate hardness, with the unique advantages of being easy to be inserted, and both surgical opening and volume of bone grinding have met requirements of minimally invasive surgery. ? High-tech, high efficiency, being the world?s leading, with the largest number of electrodes in the world (24+2), effectively increasing the resolution of sounds, and providing the perfect sonic details. ? Soft electrodes to reduce the trauma on cochlear structure, which can save the residual hearing; ?the unique design of electrode, to ensure that the electrode contacts face the modiolus; ? Electrodes can withstand a 15 mm stretch tensor, without fracture; ? Small bone grinding volume, to ensure that the surgery is quick and safe; ? Materials with reliable and long-term biocompatibility; ? High-strength titanium shell, secure and reliable, well sealed; ? Fine, thin and beautiful shell, and uniquely designed radian, so that the uplift of implanted part is not obvious, applicable to both adults and children; ? Safe and reliable decoding chips of independent autonomous development, providing multiple security protection functions.
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