Intensive care bed / electrical / Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg FUTURE LB MUKA METAL

Intensive care bed / electrical / Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg FUTURE LB MUKA METAL

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(FUTURE LB) Electrical Icu Bed Electrical operated backrest, height and legrest adjustment Electrical operated trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg, fowler and vascular position. Patient handset. Nurse control unit Auto-CPR Retracting backrest and legrest Auto contour Hygienic design (PP), lockable and tuck away side rails Profi le frame with easy removable ABS plastic covers Removable head and foot ends. Central and directional lockable castors. Electrostatic painted metal frame. Cleaning with NANO technology. Height adjustable stainless steel IV pole. Easy adjustable knee break position. Plastic crash bumpers. Battery backup. Dual sided manual CPR at backrest. Comphrensive range of accessories available. Angle gauge for back. Angle gauge for bed. Cardiac chair position with one button. Shock position with one button. Semi-Fowler position with one button. Bed exit position with one button. Examination position with one button. Activation key at remote control to prevent any undesired positions. Twin castors. (Optional) Dual sided control panel on side-rails. (Optional) Flexible control unit. (Optional) Bed extension. (Optional) Linen holder. (Optional) Lifting Pole. (Optional) Nurse call button. (Optional) Fifth castor for easy maneuvering. (Optional) X-Ray translucent backrest and cassette carrier. (Optional) Underbed light. (Optional) Break release alarm. (Optional) IPX4 standard electronic system. (Optional IPX6)
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