Insulin pump La Fenice™ Shanghai Microport Orthopedics Co.,Ltd

Insulin pump La Fenice™ Shanghai Microport Orthopedics Co.,Ltd
La Fenice™

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La Fenice™ Insulin pump (below we called "La Fenice™" in brief) is a medical aid for treatment of diabetics, mainly suffering from diabetes mellitus. La Fenice™ supplies at certain time intervals basal dose of insulin which covers daily usual need of insulin. To cover food intake so-called bolus doses are applied. It resembles pancreatic secretion which is missing in diabetics. La Fenice™ pump is small, easy to use and can replace insulin shots for many people using insulin to treat diabetes. The pump's larger three-milliliter (300 units) reservoir is well suited for children, young adults, insulin-resistant Type 1 and Type 2 patients, and women with gestational diabetes. It enhances patient convenience by enabling users to change their insulin reservoirs less often. It simplifies diabetes management by providing insulin dosing support to patients, making it easier for them to deliver the correct amount of insulin to normalize and maintain blood sugar levels, which helps improve health and quality of life for many patients.
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