Infusion warmer QW3 Keewell Medical Technology

Infusion warmer QW3 Keewell Medical Technology

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Blood and Infusion Warmer QW3 is a compact size, easy and quick set up dry heater for warming of infusions and transfusions in clinical applications such as blood transfusion and infusion in the clinical setting intravenous nutrition or nasal feeding. It has a microcomputer system with three independent temperature sensors that provides high precise control. It also has permanent running self-tests and malfunction alarm. The products temperature monitoring has numerical display for real-time temperature or setting temperature. Its clinical application is used for blood transfusion / infusion for the patients during operation or after operation? massive blood transfusion/infusion for emergency care and routine blood transfusion / infusion in the clinical setting; intravenous nutrition or nasal feeding; children and neonates’ infusion; normal infusion in cold seasons and heating of the liquid for flushing. QW3's power supply is a.c. 100~220V±10%/50~60Hz with power consumption of Max.80VA. It has Class I type of protection against electric shock and B for degree of protection against electric shock. The product's degree of protection against ingress of liquids is IPx1. The operating mode is continuous with warming time of ?1min. The dimension is 100×170×210mm with netweight of 0.7kg.