Infusion connector LifeShield™ MicroClave™, MicroClave™ Hospira

Infusion connector LifeShield™ MicroClave™, MicroClave™ Hospira
LifeShield™ MicroClave™, MicroClave™

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MicroClave & Clear Product PhotoHelp improve patient outcomes by providing a safe and effective needle-free barrier against bacteria. Hospira LifeShield™ MicroClave™ and MicroClave™ Clear neutral displacement connectors are designed specifically for contamination control, needlestick prevention and heightened performance in IV drug delivery. The clear choice to help reduce the risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs), the LifeShield™ MicroClave Clear connector will help you better protect patients and clinical staff. A Safe, Trusted Design Closed device with internal fluid pathway and minimal residual volume offers significant protection from catheter tip and hub colonization1 Split-septum design, preferred by CDC over mechanical valves, maintains a microbiological barrier proven to reduce contamination of CVCs2,3 Does not require a change in clinical practice or technique No clamping sequence minimizes risk of error and learning curve Clear housing permits visual confirmation of flush after use with medications or blood. LifeShield MicroClave connectors can be used on peripheral, arterial and central venous catheters for the administration of IV fluids or medications, and can be used with blood products.
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