Inflatable penile prosthesis Titan® OTR Coloplast

Inflatable penile prosthesis Titan® OTR Coloplast
Titan® OTR

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he Coloplast Titan® and Titan® OTR (one touch release) inflatable penile prostheses are self-contained, fluid-filled systems that consist of: A reservoir (placed in the abdomen) Two penile cylinders A pump Each part is connected by silicone tubing. The Titan implants are also MRI conditional. High patient satisfaction Both Titan implants have significant enhancements compared to previous models, and have high patient ratings for their rigidity, girth and ease of concealment. Other features that make the Titan implants easy to use include: Bioflex material for cylinder strength (1) Patented Lock-out™ safety valve designed to prevent auto-inflation (1) Hydrophilic coating increases absorption of aqueous solution to aid in surgical placement (1) One Touch Release (OTR) for easy deflation of the device (1) Zero degree angle proximal base input tubing for ease of surgical placement (2) Soft-moulded tip designed for suitable anatomic positioning (3)
  • Other characteristics:inflatable
Holtedam 1-3,
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