Infant transport incubator V-808 Atom Medical Corporation

Infant transport incubator V-808 Atom Medical Corporation

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V 808 has the powerful warming capacity enables the incubator to maintain its breath temperature at 34ºC or higher even when the ambient temperature is 0ºC. The low resilience mattress, which disperses the infant's body pressure effectively, reduces vibration to the infant. The 1500-lx fluorescent lamp adds enough light light for observation and treatment even at night or in the dark. The main battery can be detached to carry the incubator up or down the stairs or through a small space. A sub battery lasting for 15 minutes or longer is built in the main body. The incubator is provided not only with an oxygen monitor and a skin temperature monitor but also with a built in pulse oximeter. The head end admittance panel and the drawer type mattress platform enable functional treatment of the infant. It has double wall hood minimizes the infant's heat loss due to radiation.
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