Infant radiant warmer OKM 730 Okuman

Infant radiant warmer OKM 730 Okuman
OKM 730

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OKM 730 Yenido?an Bebek Is?t?c?s? is a standard features adds leading warming capabilities with its user friendly control panel. Suitable for infant warming from Labor & Delivery to NICU procedures adds safe, powerful and controlled warming environment for the baby. Key Aspects Positioned Procedure: Well positioned procedure light eliminates external lighting and extra equipment for procedures. Visually Coded Control: Visually coded control panel and colour coded safety alarms are easy to understand broad LED displays make it easy to see and understand the critical information from far distance. Basinet Includes: Basinet includes four self closing gate for tubes, drains and cables. Integrated Tray: An integrated X ray tray below the mattress permit imaging without moving the infant. Heater Module Rotates: The heater module rotates 90to left and right side to facilitate. Mobile Effortlessly: Mobile and can be effortlessly moved throughout the hospital. Baby Mode Manual Mode: Baby mode and manual mode can be selectable by the user. Prewarm Mode Warmer: Prewarm mode keeps the warmer ready, to use immediately later delivery.
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