Infant phototherapy lamp / LED Bililed Maxi NOVOS Tibbi Cihazlar

Infant phototherapy lamp / LED Bililed Maxi NOVOS Tibbi Cihazlar
Bililed Maxi

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Bililed Maxi offers faster bilirubin serum breakdown with its super LED technology, high intensity radiation and advanced monitoring. It's an effective treatment option even for active term babies. There is a direct relationship between light intensity and the rate of bilirubin breakdown when the subject is phototherapy treatment. Bililed Maxi has an even light distribution and 60 uw/cm2/nm light intensity at 35 cm distance with 24 pcs super LEDs. Bililed Maxi allows adjustment of light intensity at five levels according to the needs of user and infant. Ease of use for users Bililed Maxi can be easily used over infant cots, incubators and together with warmers with its height adjustable mobile stand and tiltable head unit. Bililed Maxi offers users follow up of skin temperature, therapy time and light intensity level on 5 inch LCD display. Super LED lights dont radiate UV light, dont generate heat, ensures low consumption of power, long lamp life time with 20.000 hours. When compared to conventional phototherapies, super LEDs have 10 times longer life time.
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