Infant phototherapy lamp Bilitron 3006 Fanem

Infant phototherapy lamp Bilitron 3006 Fanem
Bilitron 3006

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• First phototherapy equipment with reduced dimensions; • High level of radiation in the middle and edges of the focused area; • Low power consumption; • Phototherapy based on the high technology of blue spectrum as radiation source; • An engineering plastic box with alphanumeric display with Back Light; • Membrane keyboard and microprocessor system to control several functions; • Radiation intensity control as required by clinical needs; • Date display; • Display exhibiting the total hours of the bulb use; • Display exhibiting the total hours of treatment; • Memory system for radiation, manually or automatically measured (each hour) enabling report issuance; • RS 232 port to printer or computer; • Easy access to the source module to replace the module and to clean the vent; • Can be operated with double phototherapy-associated system; • A radiometer equipped with optical probe can be fitted in (optional); • Castor stands (optional); • Optional items to fix movable stand, adapter to warmed cradle or support heads above incubators.
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