Infant incubator IDN-03 Ural Optical Mechanical Plant

Infant incubator IDN-03 Ural Optical Mechanical Plant

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IDN-03 UOMZ is intended for intensive care and effective resuscitation of newborns both of critically light weight of 500 - 1500 with pathologies, and of the weight exceeding 1500 g (for general therapy). air supply control trends scales O2 concentration control humidity control t °C control Infant module hood is made of high-strength polycarbonate resistant to negative effect of bactericidal lamp exposure IDN-03 provides: air temperature control inside the infant compartment; humidity and oxygen concentration control inside the infant compartment; record and storage of air and skin temperature parameters, as well as weight parameters of a newborn in the form of trends (from 3 to 7 hours a day); The incubator is instrumented with: built-in scales (option); mechanism of infant module lifting (option) and tilting; automatic system of infant module levelling; autodiagnostics system controlling all incubator units; colour LCD display and membrane keyboard; 6 handholes providing access to a newborn; 10 ports and a slot for setting X-ray cassete; additional mains connectors carrying 220 V for suspended equipment
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