Implantable stomach pump human AspireAssist™ Apire Bariatrics

Implantable stomach pump human AspireAssist™ Apire Bariatrics

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AspireAssist™ weight loss solution is minimally-invasive and reversible, making it a breakthrough solution for obese people. It's commercially available in areas in Europe and in the US it is in clinical trials. One major benefit is the dramatic results it offers. Patients in one US trial lost a 49% average of their excess weight within the first year of undergoing AspireAssist. Another benefit is that it has a quick recovery because A-tube placement is done as an outpatient procedure. Patients often go home in one to two hours and can quickly get back to work. The procedure is safe and easy, and performed in 20 minutes with just conscious sedation rather than general anesthesia. Patients are able to eat and drink normal types of food and amounts with this treatment as well.
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