Implantable neurostimulator / medullary Senza™ Nevro Corp.

Implantable neurostimulator / medullary Senza™ Nevro Corp.

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The SENZA SCS System offers a significant and revolutionary advance in spinal cord stimulation. This high-frequency system utilizes a proprietary waveform which is designed to give the patient paresthesia-free pain relief, irrespective of the patient's body position. 16 contacts provide the broadest possible coverage and allow a range of programming options. The remote control unit enables the patient to control and adjust the spinal cord stimulation levels. The anticipated life of the rechargeable battery that powers the pulse generator is 10 years when operating under normal conditions.
  • Type of neurostimulation:medullary
  • Type of neurostimulator:implantable
Redwood City
United States

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