Impedance cardiography system computer-based Lab1™ PhysioFlow

Impedance cardiography system computer-based Lab1™ PhysioFlow

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Extensive research and development efforts over recent years have resulted in a new technology called PhysioFlow®. PhysioFlow® covers a range of medical devices designed to perform continuous non-invasive measurements of cardiac output. Cardiac output, associated with stroke volume, contractility index of the left ventricle, is one of the most important of physiological data. It is the volume of blood circulating in the vessels and pumped by the heart. It is used as a diagnosis and monitoring criterion in critical care units, and is of major importance during exercise tests and drug therapy follow-up. - Patented Signal Morphology-based Impedance Cardiology (SM-ICG™) - Excels in existing ICG applications - Extends ICG monitoring to new applications - Economical to buy & operate with rapid ROI - Quick user learning curve - Leverages existing Windows computer investments - Simple, industry-standard RS-232 integration to computers & systems - Utilizes attached PC printers for documentation - Produces continuous hemodynamic waveforms, a new Hemodynamic Cross display & a variety of cardiovascular reports
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