SonoSite X-Porte

SonoSite X-Porte
Extreme Definition Imaging (XDI™)

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Introducing a new chapter in ultrasound visualization technology.
X-Porte was developed from the ground up to incorporate a breakthrough, proprietary beam-forming technology: XDI (Extreme Definition Imaging). This signal analysis algorithm shapes X-Porte's ultrasound beam to pinpoint precision. The result? Artifact clutter is substanitally reduced while contrast resolution is significantly enhanced. Through its easily customizable touch-screen interface, X-Porte puts at your fingertips leading-edge capabilities and onboard educational resources, such as step-by-step tutorials viewable simultaneously with live scans. X-Porte's slender profile makes it easy to maneuver alongside beds and exam tables for point-of-care imaging. For portability and durability during transport, its screen folds down and its stand lowers making X-Porte even more compact for navigating busy corridors.

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