Hydrotherapy treadmill / dog PREMIUM PHYSIO-TECH

Hydrotherapy treadmill / dog PREMIUM PHYSIO-TECH

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The PHYSIO-TECH Underwater Treadmill uses high-quality materials to assure a long life span. The underwater treadmill consists of two chambers comprising of the water storage reservoir and the therapy basin with the treadmill. The PHYSIO-TECH Underwater Treadmill can be installed without having to alter structural measures in almost every animal medical practice. The optimized construction ensures easy handling, security, hygiene and water consumption economy. The product is unique for its innovative features such as it allows continuous automatic treadmill elevation of up to 77 cm working height, and automatic treadmill incline from any treadmill height with just a touch of a button. The PREMIUM model completely reinvented the technology for canine hydrotherapy.
  • Patient type:dog
  • Type of treadmill:hydrotherapy
Preetzer Chaussee 129,
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