Hydro-electric surgery table / height-adjustable DHS103-01 Kanghui Technology

Hydro-electric surgery table / height-adjustable DHS103-01 Kanghui Technology

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Performance profile ? the operation platform is a comprehensive electric hydraulic operation platform, using the German (Hoerbiger) set of hydraulic system assembly models, operation table challenged the type shape, with mobile C - arm accessibility requirements of systemic perspective. Use it to carry out for chest surgery, Department of orthopedics, Department of ENT, brain, back, urological operation. ? the chassis cover, column jackets are molded by stamping of imported stainless steel mould. The DH S103 operation with integral lifting, tilt, tilt, back lifting function. ? operation platform for C type arm systemic perspective or photography, such as cardiovascular, bone perspective. ? DHS103 type operation platform can add Department of orthopedics operation traction frame, a traction frame landing supporting, traction angle can be arbitrary regulation. ? operation station equipped with craniocerebral operation frame mounting hole, can be up and down, left and right adjustment craniocerebral operation position. ? surface using poly foam molding polyurethane one-time mold, and anti-static, easy to wash. ? operation table base controlled by the operator, can walk, lock. Main motor and components, seals, pump adopts the foreign famous brands, the implementation of PLC control in order to ensure the reliability of operation platform moving parts and appliances. ? with tied with optional locking device. ? waist support, the shoulder bracket for polyurethane foam molding. ? equipped with Department of orthopedics traction frame mounting holes, easy installation and use of Department of orthopedics traction frame.
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