Human forearm sling Wilmer® RSLSteeper

Human forearm sling Wilmer® RSLSteeper

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The carrying orthosis is a widely used product in the medical field which supports the forearm horizontally. Wilmer® Carrying Orthosis in one such product and its basic functions are the suppression of oedema by horizontally positioning of the forearm and the neutralization of shoulder subluxation. It is static and hence controllability does not come into consideration. This carrying orthosis acts like a balanced arm and with the weight of the forearm forcing the weight of the upper arm upwards the shoulder subluxation is neutralized. All the components of this product are situated near the limb and thereby allow wearing the carrying orthosis underneath clothing without any discomfort. One suspension point on the forearm is sufficient for the orthotic function described. This point is created by a tension band that suspends the arm on the shoulder.
  • Patient type:human
United Kingdom