Hospital ward furniture set MELODY MMO

Hospital ward furniture set MELODY MMO

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MELODY Range : bedside cabinet, chest of drawers, wardrobe, desk, dressing table, shelf Patients’ benefits Stimulate the senses : The change in texture between the surfaces and solid wood is designed to stimulate the visual and touch senses of elderly residents. Accentuated visibility and safty :The high colour contrast allows patients with developing cataracts to see the furniture in their environment, helping them to avoid injury. A reassuring and nostalgic style : thanks to the harmony of shapes and colors, the Melody line will remind patients of familiar surroundings whilst still being contemporary in taste. Cooling : An optional fridge could be integrated into the cabinet. It allows to the resident to keep drinks cool during hot weather. Wide choice of ambiance : a broad colour range and a modern and innovative texture provides a peaceful working environment. Caregivers’ benefits The quality of the furniture : Style and quality helps to enhance the living space for positive relationships between patients, their family and caregivers Easy maintenance : The high quality materials are compatible with cleaning constraints. Drawers are equipped with a plastic tray to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. The base frame is equipped with skates of regulation to absorb the disparities of grounds and avoid the contact with waters of cleaning.