Hospital door / laboratory / swinging / lead-lined Lindner Group

Hospital door / laboratory / swinging / lead-lined Lindner Group
Lindner Group

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Lindner offers perfect solution for well screening through its wide range of radiation proof screening products. The radiation protection doors play a protective role in high level radiation areas. The various range of products from Linder includes doors with steel, aluminium or wooden architrave, sliding or revolving doors and includes lead glass windows as well for a transparent communication or inspection. Various designs with suitable applications provide optimum solution for every building, hospitals and labs. The products are manufactured keeping in mind the required design ideas and optimum security. Radiation protection are in compliance to DIN 6834. Doors come in various ranges from 1 to 2 leaf doors, doors with standard 4 mm lead value, top panels and fan lights, light access and communication windows.
  • Type:swinging
  • Protection type:radiation shielding, lead-lined
  • Medical establishment:laboratory, hospital