Hospital door / laboratory / sliding / radiation shielding A-FABCO, inc.

Hospital door / laboratory / sliding / radiation shielding A-FABCO, inc.
A-FABCO, inc.

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Some high energy linear accelerator installations require a specially constructed steel door with neutron absorbing borated polyethylene and lead for gamma ray absorption. Room designs that have no maze frequently require a higher level of protection at the door than those with a maze as part of the design. a-fabco's sliding neutron door is designed to withstand direct emissions by containing up to 19" of lead or lead and polyboron in combination. These very heavy doors (20,000 to 30,000 pounds) are configured to meet the physicist shielding specification and are designed for prolonged service. Proper maintenance at regular intervals is necessary to insure trouble free operation. We install the brookfield industries, Inc. NB-4000 motorized door operator, with special interlock switches and sensing edges. Entrapment is a major concern. A battery backup unit is part of every installation so that door can be opened when power fails. Additionally an optional manually engaged hand crank and an optional emergency carriage release mechanism which allows the door to be pull open by hand are available. a-fabco is a leader in sliding door safety research. We have developed procedures that in the event of catastrophic opener failure, bearing failure or other failures when used in conjunction with our quick release system can open a damaged door within an hour of our team arriving on site. Operator access restrictions may extend or decrease this time.
  • Medical establishment:laboratory, hospital
  • Protection type:radiation shielding, lead-lined
  • Type:sliding
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