Hospital door / laboratory / sliding / automatic HDS CLEAN PORTALP INTERNATIONAL

Hospital door / laboratory / sliding / automatic HDS CLEAN PORTALP INTERNATIONAL

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HDS CLEAN Hermetic Doors A real sanitary defence barrier, the HDS Clean door ensures a reinforced tightness against air and dust. It is designed to comply with health and safety requirements, while providing high daily utilisation comfort. 100 % hermetic up to 25 Pa and with a leak flow of 0,10 m³/h/m² to 50 Pa, the HDS CLEAN exceptional performances of airtightness, certified by laboratory tests, make this door a reliable and reassuring equipement. HDS CLEAN is dedicated to operating rooms, disinfecting rooms, sterile chambers, clean rooms or other environmentally controlled rooms. • The HDS CLEAN door combines a powerful operator and a tight door panel adapted to the sanitary sector. The operator lifts and moves the door panel in a secured smooth fluid movement. • The opening of the door is a fully automatic operation controlled by various systems specific for each utilisation (remote control, foot or elbow pushbutton, contactless switch, detection radar, etc.). • Leaves are made of a rigid core coated with high density stratified panels. They are available in a large colour range. Other materials or coatings are also available to meet all specific requirements (sound insulation, transparency, damp environment...).
  • Type:sliding, automatic
  • Medical establishment:laboratory, hospital
  • Protection type:hermetic
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